What’s in Season in April

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Level up your April menu with these delicious recipes inspired by seasonal fruits and vegetables. This April produce guide will have you springing forward into fresh recipe territory, from spring peas to strawberries and so much more.

Fruits and vegetables in season for April.


If it hasn’t arrived already in your neck of the woods, farmers market season is just days away. So is spring planting season in most regions of the U.S., including the midwest. Every fruit and vegetable has a season, and as you’ll see below, what’s in season in April includes a wide variety of quick-cooking and versatile fruits and vegetables. (Translation: Since less kitchen time is required, you’ll have more wiggle room in your schedule to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather.)

Since seasonal produce is fresher and more affordable, these April fruits and vegetables will be a boon for your budget and your taste buds. So whether you’re shopping from a farmer or at the supermarket, add these consider stocking up on these fresh fruits and vegetables to your shopping list. I’m also sharing inspiration for how to put what’s in season in April to great use in your next round of meal prep and recipes for everything from breakfast to dinner to party time. Let’s dig in!

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What’s in season in April?

  • Buckwheat, root, and thistle vegetables: Often-overlooked yet versatile seasonal vegetables including artichokes, rhubarb (yes, it’s a vegetable, even though we often prepare it like a fruit!), and radishes are in full force in spring. Try artichokes steamed, fried, stuffed, or roasted, and put rhubarb to beautiful use in pies (naturally), jams, muffins, or savory sautés or sheet pan dinners. Enjoy radishes roasted, dunked into butter, paired with your favorite dip, or slice and sprinkle them into salads.
  • Daisy and onion family vegetables: Prepare to stalk up on fresh asparagus for tarts, scrambles, soups, and, of course, your Easter menu. Keep an eye out for leeks, a tall, layered member of the onion family that tastes like a mash-up of garlic and onions. Leeks are luscious in soups, casseroles, risotto, and nearly anywhere you’d like to incorporate a subtle pop of onion goodness.
  • Legumes and fungi: Neither fruit nor vegetable (I’m such a rule breaker!), these are sold near the fruits and vegetables, mushrooms and spring peas I’m calling them April seasonal produce items. Morel mushroom foraging is like a sport in certain rainy parts of America come spring, but many varieties of fungi begin popping up this month. Sautéed in a skillet, stacked inside casseroles or sandwiches, or layered on pizza or toast, mushrooms are one of my favorite April ingredients. Spring peas arrive now too, and are dreamy in soups, dips, pasta entrées, and simply mashed with butter.
  • Tropical fruits: Admittedly, there’s not really any growing season for kiwi, mango, papaya, and pineapple in regions like the midwest, but they ship beautifully from warmer regions (where they’re at their peak right now). Blend these island all-stars into smoothies, slices and stack atop fruit pizzas, use as the base of a fruit salsa, or incorporate into a spring break-inspired fresh fruit salad.
  • Early-season berries and stone fruits: In most parts of the country, cherries, blueberries, nectarines, peaches, and more shine in the middle of summer. But you can start enjoying a taste of berry and stone fruit flavors via early-ripening options like apricots and strawberries. Try them in parfaits, pies, compotes, cobblers and crisps, or simply washed and out of hand; these naturally-sweet fruits are like nature’s candy.

The Best Fruits and Vegetables to Eat in April

Consider this your essential produce section or farmers market shopping list for the month.

StrawberriesSpring Onions
Spring Peas

Buckwheat, Root, and Thistle Vegetable Recipes

My artichoke, radish, and rhubarb recipes prove that these under-the-radar vegetables definitely deserve a regular slot in your April recipe rotation.

A strawberry rhubarb pie in a pie pan with one slice removed.


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

The best spring dessert recipe, if you ask me, this lattice-topped Strawberry Rhubarb Pie is exploding with sweet-tart flavor. Learn how to make Strawberry Rhubarb Pie filling, plus I'll coach you through how to make lattice crust that's worthy of a cookbook cover.
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Daisy and Onion Family Vegetable Recipes

For Easter dinner and so much more, asparagus recipes and leek recipes can lend a mildly savory and earthy element to your menu.


Potato Leek Soup

Potato Leek Soup is cozy, comforting, and a reminder that spring is just around the corner. Leeks and garlic add a subtle layer of flavor to the earthy potato, and heavy cream is the perfect luscious touch.
Read More
A baking sheet full of roasted asparagus with lemons.


Roasted Asparagus Recipe

You'll love this easy Roasted Asparagus recipe with olive oil, garlic, and lemon. The high oven temperature cooks it to tender-crisp perfection in 10 minutes or less making it a quick, easy, and healthy side dish.
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Fungi and Legume Recipes

Spring peas and mushrooms are always are a staple ingredient in my home and the Culinary Hill Test Kitchen come April.

A white bowl full of mushroom risotto.


Mushroom Risotto

Nutty and rich in flavor, Mushroom Risotto is a dish that is more than worth the effort you'll put into it at the stove. This super creamy risotto is even more luscious with an assortment of tender, earthy wild mushrooms.
Read More
A plate of Pasta with Peas and Prosciutto.


Pasta with Peas and Prosciutto

Pasta with peas and prosciutto is the perfect spring meal. Fresh asparagus, mushrooms, a splash of crisp white wine, salty Parmesan shavings, and a few slices of savory prosciutto complete the 30-minute meal.
Read More

Tropical Fruit Recipes

Get your fresh fruit fix with this collection of seasonal April recipes that star naturally sweet fruits like kiwi, mango, papaya, and pineapple.

2 glasses of Spinach Smoothie with ingredients nearby.


Spinach Smoothie

Boost your GREENS intake the easy way! Fresh spinach, banana, and pineapple make for a super simple, totally delicious Spinach Smoothie. Add Greek yogurt or your favorite protein powder to stay full all morning long.
Read More
Fruit salad in a small white bowl.


Fruit Salad

Freshen up your menu with an easy, make-ahead Fruit Salad that's tossed in a zippy honey and citrus dressing. Toss it together, then allow this crowd-pleasing Fruit Salad to chill for an hour (or more) for a simple and healthy side dish recipe.
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Glasses of water infused with fruit, vegetables, and fresh herbs.


8 Infused Water Recipes

Stay hydrated with these easy infused water recipes. If you find plain ol' H2O to be boring, consider making a pitcher of infused water that scores a hint of flavor from fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs.
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Early-Season Berries and Stone Fruit Recipes

As we await summer blueberries, blackberries, cherries, raspberries, nectarines, and peaches, let’s celebrate all things apricot- and strawberry-infused.

A fresh fruit tart on a counter top.


Fresh Fruit Tart

Loaded with a lush assortment of seasonal berries and other fruit, there's nothing quite as lovely as a Fresh Fruit Tart. You'll also learn some baking basics, like a tart crust and pastry cream, along the way.
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Strawberry margarita in a clear stemmed glass.


Strawberry Margarita

This easy-breezy Strawberry Margarita is made with just 5 ingredients and a blender. Add a salted rim and have it on the rocks or frozen. Either way, its delicious!
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