Jars of red pepper jelly on a tray.

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Think of these how-to recipes like a shortcut (and free!) form of cooking school. Grab your apron and get ready to master homemade salad dressings, spice blends, and condiments (like Red Pepper Jelly). Next, prepare to ace baking basics and learn how to batch prep grains and legumes to maximize your meal prep. Plus make the most of your meat by cooking it perfectly and using the excess to make stocks and sauces.

You heard that right: Tuition is $0 for this culinary school masterclass that covers basic cooking techniques (How to Soft Boil Eggs, How to Bread Chicken, How to Thaw and How to Carve a Turkey) and baking tips and tricks (How to Make Buttermilk, How to Freeze Cookie Dough, and How to Make Meringue). I’m also revealing how to make common store-bought ingredients from scratch in my popular recipes like Almond Butter, Barbecue Sauce (a Sweet Baby Ray’s copycat), and Homemade Cheese Sauce. And, learn about the best products and equipment for stocking your home kitchen in my What to Buy section.

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