Chipotle sofritas in a white bowl with rice.

Recipes by Diet

Discover recipes by diet type or dietary concern such as vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes, gluten free recipes, or low carb recipes.

I know that dietary restrictions are a very real concern for many home cooks. Whether it’s prescribed by your doctor or just something “trendy” that works for you, finding tasty recipes that support your cause is crucial. You won’t find a generic “healthy” category on Culinary Hill because I know that definition of “healthy” varies from person to person. Instead, I’ve organized recipes by categories that have real, measurable definitions. There is a certain standard a recipe has to meet to be gluten free, paleo, vegan, etcetera.

I haven’t included Keto for that reason: Keto recipes, while high in fat and low in carbs, aren’t specifically “defined” per recipes; it’s more about how you organize your macros throughout the day to meet your goals. A recipe isn’t keto simply by having certain nutrition information. However, many of the Paleo and Whole30 recipes lean naturally toward the lower end of the carb spectrum, so you can start there. Whatever your dietary path, there are many delicious, whole food recipes to help on your journey.

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