A negroni cocktail in a rocks glass.

Cocktail Recipes

Raise a glass to this refreshing round-up of recipes for cocktails! Master home mixology with my tips and tricks for how to make a homemade Negroni that would make Stanley Tucci swoon, plus I’m spilling my secrets for your best mojitos, margaritas, mimosas, mai tais, and more. 

Vodka cocktail recipes including The Best Moscow Mule, Pink Lemonade Vodka Slushes, and Sea Breeze Cocktails are especially cool come summer. If tequila is your jam, try a Paloma Cocktail or a Strawberry Margarita. Wine lovers, I didn’t forget about you! Wine cocktails like Strawberry Peach Frosé, Iced Tea Berry Sangria, and Mulled Wine, and are sure to put everyone in good spirits.

Newest Cocktail Recipes