Apple Recipes Worth Picking

Apple Recipes Worth Picking | Culinary Hill

With fall in full swing, it’s time to visit your local orchard for some flannel-wearing, frost-beneath-your-boots-crunching fun. Before you head out the door, take a look at my 13 Apple Recipes Worth Picking. You’re guaranteed to be inspired and you may want to pick extra apples! Check out Apple Recipes worth Picking by Meggan Hill… 

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DIY Caramel Apples

DIY Caramel Apples | Culinary Hill

I am excited to share my article on DIY Caramel Apples today on DestinationFemme! September is finally here and apple-picking is in full swing! Nothing beats the taste and crunch of fresh-picked apples, still crisp from swinging on a branch on a cool fall morning. Along with making apple cobbler, apple crisp, applesauce, and a… 

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BLT Bruschetta with Dill Mayonnaise

BLT Bruschetta | Culinary Hill

BLT Bruschetta with Dill Mayonnaise is inspired by one of my favorite sandwiches: A classic BLT. In my dreams, the BLTs have crunchy toast, lots of real mayonnaise, thick-cut bacon cooked to a crisp, bright green lettuce, and sweet, juicy tomatoes. Yes, I dream in sandwiches. Because I love BLTs and want to share them with… 

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Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies | Culinary Hill

My first thought was… cookies will be tolerable but not preferable if they are made without flour. After all, flour is a key component to a good cookie, right? Wrong. As these Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies prove, when you strip out the flour, you are left with the best part – indeed, the ESSENCE –… 

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4-Ingredient Nutella Banana Croissants

4-Ingredient Nutella Banana Croissants | Culinary Hill

4-Ingredient Nutella Banana Croissants are… sublime. Delicious really doesn’t do them justice. They are flakey, buttery bits of pastry Heaven filled with luscious Nutella spread and sweet, caramelized banana slices. They are simply divine. If you are generous enough to share them with family and friends, they will be gone in a flash. Even better if you… 

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Univhers: A Place for Women and Ideas

Univhers | Culinary Hill

Food blogging is a passion of mine. I love everything about it: Thinking about food, creating recipes, photographing them, writing about them, and sharing my findings with my readers. I read loads of food blogs, over a hundred on a regular basis even, but food is not my only interest. I also read blogs about… 

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Pasta Salad with Zucchini, Tomatoes, and Roasted Red Peppers

Pasta Salad with Zucchini, Tomatoes, and Roasted Red Peppers | Culinary Hill

Looking for an easy lunch or light dinner idea? Pasta Salad with Zucchini, Tomatoes, and Roasted Red Peppers pairs pasta with loads of vegetables and the bright flavors of lemon, red wine vinegar, and fresh oregano. It’s a simple salad that is easily customizable, healthful, and naturally vegan! I once had a similar version of this pasta… 

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Slow Cooker Calico Beans

Slow Cooker Calico Beans | Culinary Hill

My recipe for Slow Cooker Calico Beans came from my friend Sandy (she is also responsible for the popular Stuffed Mushrooms with Crab and Cream Cheese recipe).  Technically, Sandy never makes her Calico Beans in a slow cooker, but I thought it might be a nice option for parties, other events, or just your average… 

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Caesar Salad with Cheese Tortellini

Caesar Salad with Cheese Tortellini | Culinary Hill

I first tried a version of Caesar Salad with Cheese Tortellini at a recent backyard barbecue. I found myself wondering, why can’t all salads be as easy and delicious as this one? I immediately made a mental note to create my own version with a homemade Caesar salad dressing, plenty of crunchy vegetables, and of… 

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Hot Swiss Cheese and Bacon Dip

Hot Swiss Cheese and Bacon Dip | Culinary Hill

This Dip. Oh.My.Goodness. If I didn’t have you at Hot Swiss Cheese and Bacon Dip, then I don’t even know where to start. But let’s start with the ooey-gooey easy-cheesy base, and honestly? It could stand on its own. It doesn’t even NEED the bacon. But everything is better with bacon so eventually we’ll add bacon. But… 

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Game Day Buffet

Game Day Buffet | Culinary Hill

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® Tyson and Wet-Nap®, but all opinions are my own. #pmedia #wingsandwipes As we get into the swing of football season, professional and college alike, Game Day Everything is everywhere on the Internet. If you check Pinterest you’ll be bombarded by… 

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