Smoothie Recipes

Skip the juice bar and save so much money. My best smoothie recipes, smoothie bowls, and acai bowls feature fresh or frozen fruit, yogurt, protein powder, flax, chia, ice, and your favorite milk. In addition to saving money, opting for a homemade smoothie allows you to customize your creation to fit your desired sweetness level, preferred dairy products, and to use up any extra ingredients you have lying around.

Blitz up your breakfast or snack routine with one of these produce-rich smoothie recipes. It’s easy to reach your five-a-day goal when you can sip fruits and vegetables in sneakily-healthy drink recipes like tropical fruit-infused Spinach Smoothies, Jamba Juice copycat Strawberry Citrus and Ginger Smoothie, and ultra-creamy Avocado Smoothies.

Newest Smoothie Recipes