Dukkah, eggplant dip, hummus, artichokes, and olives in bowls

Mediterranean Recipes

Discover all of the Mediterranean recipes on Culinary Hill including appetizers, snacks, main dishes, side dishes, salads, and desserts. For a sampler platter that can totally count for a meal, start with my Ultimate Mezze Platter.

Mediterranean recipes use fresh, simple ingredients prepared in delicious, healthful ways. Focusing on lean meats and fish, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats, these recipes have proven health benefits and are perfect for light lunches, elegant dinners, and festive gatherings.

Made with sautéed fish and plenty of colorful peppers, Pan-Fried Tilapia is a quick and tasty dinner ready. Or, try Shakshouka, eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce, for a delicious breakfast or brunch. Combine Mediterranean favorites such as Hummus, Tapenade, and Roasted Eggplant Dip are begging to be scooped up with Pita Chips, Toasted Baguette, and crudités.

Hearty Beef Gyros or Chicken Gyros with quick Tzatziki Sauce taste better than takeout. Or, choose from a dizzying assortment of delicious salads such as Greek Salad, Chickpea Salad, Mediterranean Chopped Salad, Fattoush, and Tabbouleh. And you won’t want to miss my Sheet Pan Greek Chicken and Potatoes, a simple, flavorful way to cook dinner easily and that truly delivers on the promise of a “sheet pan meal.”

Newest Mediterranean Recipes