Guinness Stew in a small white bowl.

Irish Recipes

Discover all my classic Irish recipes, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or any time you’re craving Irish cuisine. I’ve got your potatoes, true, but let’s think beyond the standard spuds. Try Guinness Stew with kale-spiked Colcannon, then dive into a variety of dinners, soups, sides, drinks, and desserts that will have everyone feeling lucky.

You might think of meat and potatoes as the staples of most Irish recipes. But did you know that fish and seafood are common menu stars, too? Ireland is an island after all, so let’s not forget about Irish recipes featuring salmon, too. Be sure to save room for my best Irish side dishes and starters, such as Potato Leek Soup and Stuffed Artichokes, as well as delightful desserts like Bread Pudding and Apple Crisp.

Newest Irish Recipes