2-Ingredient Barbecue Little Smokies

These Barbecue Little Smokies are officially the easiest appetizer, ever. They take just seconds to assemble with zero prep and only 2 ingredients!

These Barbecue Little Smokies are officially the easiest appetizer, ever. They take just seconds to assemble with zero prep and only 2 ingredients!

There is something insanely addictive about Little Smokies in Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce. To eat one is to eat a dozen. I cannot even stop myself.

Luckily, you can LITERALLY make a batch in minutes whenever your cravings strike. I recommend making a big batch.

Two Ingredient Barbecue Little Smokies - a photo of small little sausages covered with barbecue sauce in a white bowl on a brown wooden background - click photo for full written recipe

Once again, Sweet Baby Ray’s stands in as my choice for barbecue sauce (as previously mentioned here and here). If you find a better barbecue sauce, please let me know.


Barbecue Little Smokies are always a hit for Game Days (March Madness and/or Super Bowl). They are also fun at birthday parties, especially for kids. What child doesn’t love a tiny hot dog on a toothpick? Super festive.

One time I paired them with my Boursin Mashed Potatoes and called it dinner: Bangers & Mash, the American Way. Super tasty.

On to the “recipe”…. as you’ll see from the pictures, there’s not much to it!

Little Smokies on the Stove Top

Two Ingredient Barbecue Little Smokies - three photos showing the addition and mixing of barbecue sauce starting from left to right - click photo for full written recipe

Little Smokies in a Crock Pot

Two Ingredient Barbecue Little Smokies - three photos showing the addition and mixing of barbecue sauce starting from left to right - click photo for full written recipe

(Need a crock pot? I’ve had this one since 2009 and just love it.)

This recipe doubles or triples easily which might come in handy… especially if you find yourself standing over the sausages in the kitchen, devouring them at the speed of light, and the game hasn’t even started yet.


It could happen to anyone.

Save this Barbecue Little Smokies recipe to your “Appetizers” Pinterest board!

And let’s be friends on Pinterest! I’m always pinning tasty recipes!

A white bowl of barbecue little smokies against a dark wood background. There are jsix square plates out of focus in the background and a green plant.
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2-Ingredient Barbecue Little Smokies

These Barbecue Little Smokies are officially the easiest appetizer, ever. They take just seconds to assemble with zero prep and only 2 ingredients!

Course Appetizer
Cuisine American
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 16
Calories 129 kcal



  1. To cook on the stove top, combine little smokies and barbecue sauce in a pan and cook until hot, about 10 minutes.

  2. To cook in a slow cooker, combine little smokies and barbecue sauce in a crock pot. Cover and cook on HIGH for 1 to 2 hours, until sausages are hot.

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  1. Oh, I think I would definitely have trouble not gobbling all these up before the game, Meggan! I’ve never seen anything like these gorgeous sausages before – where have you been all my life? ;-)

  2. I’ve always thought these were such great appetizers. This is such an easy recipe there’s no reason for anyone not to make them. Great game day food.

  3. This is the type of dish I always need for the movie’s night! The homemade barbecue sounds great, much better than the ketchup I usually use!

  4. I totally agree with you, there’s something addictive about little smokies! I love that they’re so quick and easy to make!

  5. Yum! The bottled sauce would work in a pinch, but I agree with Maggie. The homemade version looks like it’s worth the effort!

  6. Unfortunately, Trader Joes does not carry these anymore. I have asked several times when I could not find them on the shelf.

    • Are you serious?! I haven’t looked for them in so long. That is terrible, they were really delicious and not overpriced and just GOOD. I will ask next time I’m there and update my post. :(

  7. Trader Joe’s has the mini hot dogs again- must be seasonal

  8. Costco has 3 lb bags, 1.5 lb twin packs.

  9. Thanks, I’m going to try this recipe New Years Eve.  I’ve had them at parties but have never made them.  All the recipes I was looking at talked about throwing a bunch of sugar or a jar of grape jelly in the sauce.  I don’t recall ever tasting grape jelly in my little smokies.  This sounds perfect though, Sweet Baby Ray’s is my favorite sauce and I have a few bottles on hand, just need the sausage.

    • Grape jelly with little smokies is actually really good too! But you need something else to go with the jelly – chili sauce. I use this for frozen meatballs a lot. Grape jelly alone is awful, but a hot chili sauce balances it out. But yeah, THIS recipe is even lazier, just dump Sweet Baby Rays on it and be done. That is definitely my favorite barbecue sauce too! Thanks so much for your comment and Happy New Year!

  10. I’m so happy i gound this recipe. I grabbed some little smokies and a bottle of sweet baby rays last night, and was just hoping for the best, because I was unsure. I found this recipe and felt a lot more confident. Also i was hoping i didn’t have to use the crockpot. Thanks so much for putting this up!

    • Holly, that is so great to hear and so nice of you to say! I hope they were everything you were hoping for. I just LOVE these little smokies. They are the best with the Sweet Baby Rays.

  11. Oh my GOD!!!!!     OLD OLD OLD recipe!!!!  Not even a recipe really!!!!!  MY GRANDMA USED TO MAKE US THIS FOR SLEEPOVERS!!!  

    (why do people act like they create or discover old recipes or tricks when they share them on blogs….  Don’t people ever talk to their parents & grandparents and find out stuff….  jeez!!)

    • It really ISN’T a recipe…. ha ha! Well it’s nice to know other people make this too. The trouble with food blogs is, everything has already been done before. All we can hope is to take a good photo. :)

    • Meggan, what a graceful response to this uncalled for comment. Kudos for that and for this yummy recipe!

    • Well that’s very kind of you, Brittany! Thanks. The whole point of my blog is to share the recipes from my parents, grandparents, etc. in case others didn’t have the same experience. :) Those are always the best recipes! Happy New Year!

    • Well considering I don’t have any grandparents/parents who bothered to share recipes with me, food blogs are a godsend to me and my noivce cooking skills!! Thanks for this recipe, was wondering what to do with these hot dogs I picked up on a whim at Walmart. Love your food blog?

    • You’re so nice Katrina! :) Little Smokies are the best! I hope you love them as much as my family does. :D And great to have you on the blog, thank you so much!

    • Fuck off shelly this post is awesome

  12. Very delicious, if you can ever get a hold of a bottle, you should try them in Page Rosa BBQ sauce! Amazing

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I would love to try someone else’s “favorite” barbecue sauce. :) I’ll hunt for it!

  13. How about using sweet baby Ray’s honey BBQ on lil smokies, do you think that would taste good

    • Pretty sure that would taste AMAZING, but as the blogger here I feel “obligated” to test this immediately. Ha ha!

  14. I was in Sam’s or Walmart about a month ago and tried one of their samples of BBQ lil’ smokies. I had never had them before and was taken aback at how darn good it was!! : ) I was wondering how they were made, and whether it was as simple as (bottled) BBQ sauce with the smokies….now I know for sure and I’ll be serving them at my party next weekend!!!! Thanks!

    • Hi Debbie, this is so great! Thank you for the lovely comment! Yes, this is basically non-recipe but so good. :) If anyone questions you, just say it’s a “midwest thing.” Ha ha ha! These are my absolute fave. Take care and thanks again!

  15. Did you use two  14oz packages to one 18oz bottle of bbq sauce? 

    • Hi Megan, Yes I did!! Once the sauce warms up it is looser, so you’ll have more than enough. Thanks for the question!

  16. These are so yummy.  I tried them out last night. Thanks for sharing the recipe 

  17. Sweet Baby Rays is the bomb!  Add a tablespoon of grape jelly too.

  18. I love this recipe! I first browned the in a cast iron pan. (not that it really matters what pan) then used your recipe for on the stove top. WOW! So good I ate most of them! My first choice for barb sauce is Sweet Baby ray’s Sweet and Spicy. Thank you for posting this recipe as I love it!

  19. I wish Bob had not used the “F” bomb in his comment.  There is no need for such vulgarity in a post that is public and subject to being ready by young people.

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