A rotisserie chicken on a white plate with slices of lemon.

Chicken and Turkey Recipes

These family-friendly chicken and turkey recipes, including soups, stews, pastas, sandwiches, appetizers, casseroles, and more, are about to earn โ€œrepeat dinnerโ€ and โ€œmust-make-againโ€ status in your kitchen.ย 

Master How to Make Rotisserie Chicken thatโ€™s so much better than Costco and win the holiday (minus all the hassle!) with my Make Ahead Roasted Turkey and my low-fuss Smoked Turkey recipe. Next time youโ€™re tempted to order delivery, back away from that phone, tuck away that tip for yourself, and turn to this Monterey Chicken, Thai Peanut Chicken and Noodles, Chicken Ramen, or my ultimate Fried Chicken recipe.ย 

Newest Chicken and Turkey Recipes