A plate with rouladen, braised red cabbage, and mashed potatoes.

German Recipes

My personal favorite German recipes (including hearty stuffed Rouladen, gravy-topped Mashed Potatoes, and tender Braised Red Cabbage) are just the beginning. Discover how to master everything from schnitzel to spatzle to soft pretzels, then learn how to DIY mustard, strudels, cakes, drinks, and more that will transport your taste buds to Central Europe.

German recipes are known for being among the most comforting in the world. Start with the classics, such as sauerkraut and sausage, then expand your horizons with a variety of breaded meats (schnitzels), side dishes, and too-delicious-to-miss sweets. Everyone will deem the results lecker (translation: tasty!).

Newest German Recipes