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Why I started cooking Chipotle Copycat recipes

In late 2012, I discovered my newborn son had a dairy allergy. I was nursing him, so that meant I had cut dairy out of my diet.


Being from Wisconsin, the idea of giving up milk, cheese, and yogurt seemed impossible! But, I knew I wanted to keep nursing Calvin more than I wanted to eat cheese. (It sounds crazy when I say it now, but in the fog of newborn-babyland, moms do crazy things.)

I started experimenting more in the kitchen. I ended up playing around with Chipotle Copycat recipes because I loved their food. But, I rarely wanted to pack up Calvin and take him out into the world (that might mean having to take a shower, after all).

I started with the chicken, the rice, and the guacamole. Next thing I knew, I had a couple of salsas, the carnitas, and the veggies.

Things snow-balled from there, and I’m currently rounding out the rest of their menu on my blog.

That’s right: You can find all my Chipotle Copycat Recipes right here on this blog.

Even better? You can have a beautiful, full-color mobile-friendly PDF eBook that you can keep on your phone. No matter where you go, you can have access to all my Chipotle Copycat recipes!


That’s right, I’m not charging for this! All you have to do is sign up for my email list and I’ll send you my professionally-designed Chipotle Copycat Recipes eBook, for free.

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